DEPARTMENTBy Scott Steinberg
Best time to buyChoosing the right time of year to purchase big-ticket items can save you money. Here’s where and how to fund your next big purchase.
As we look toward a more stable marketplace and try to prepare for a time when prices stabilize, consumers are looking to stretch every dollar further. That includes purchasing with a plan.

The best plan, of course, is to anticipate major purchases and save up accordingly to avoid adding personal debt. But as it turns out, there's a right time to buy the things you'll need and if you haven't had the opportunity to save up for some larger purchases, we have some ideas on how the Credit Union can help.
   Discover more details here     In the meantime, put these dates on the calendar for the new year to take advantage of the best time to shop for deals.

Buy a car in May. Showrooms start clearing out old models to make space for new vehicles in May. To entice buyers, they offer top deals to match. You can also save big with holiday sales in November and December.

Shop for a home in the fall. If you’re looking to save money, late fall and early winter often provide prospective homeowners more choice in inventory and lower prices.

Buy large appliances during the holiday season. New appliance models generally arrive in November, and many major retailers will be looking to serve up discounts to help clear out stock come Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Buy furniture during the other holidays. Deals and discounts on furniture pop up with special promotions around Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day and Memorial Day holidays.

Buy electronics on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving present the best opportunities to score top deals on the latest tech. Also, mark your calendar for Amazon Prime Day.

Book your flight on a Tuesday. You’ll want to set up your vacation plans at least 21 days in advance, with Tuesday being the best day of the week to land a deal or discount. Online search engines can help compare prices.

Reap the rewardsAs we mentioned earlier, saving up for big-ticket purchases is always the best way to go, but we understand that's not always an option.

For big purchases, like a vehicle or home, American Airlines Credit Union offers competitive rates, affordable monthly payments, and reliable loan officers you know and trust. A personal loan or Home Equity Line of Credit also offers flexible payments at a lower interest rate.

As for medium purchases, like furniture and appliances, try and avoid store credit cards and layaway plans and opt for our Visa Rewards® or Visa Signature® Cash Back cards. These purchases can help you rack up big bonuses, but don't forget to plan ahead.

It's best to budget wisely and pay credit cards off quickly, foregoing additional interest charges. Keep in mind: These card options also offer incentives such as additional points for hotel, airline and dining purchases, or exclusive VIP perks and purchase upgrades when using reward miles.

Those benefits can certainly come in handy when making travel plans.
Scott Steinberg is an award-winning professional speaker and management professional. He is the bestselling author of Think Like a Futurist; Make Change for You; and Fast >> Forward: How to Turbo-charge Business, Sales, and Career Growth.

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