Understanding the bonus dividend
American Airlines Federal Credit Union continually strives to help member-owners make their financial dreams a reality. An important part of our mission is for our members to succeed individually and collectively. Which is why we’re proud to announce a more than $10 million Bonus Dividend for 2023, a slight increase over last year's total.

This year’s Bonus Dividend brings the Credit Union’s historic grand total to nearly $193 million, showcasing the astonishing amount of money we’ve returned to members since 1998. As a not-for-profit cooperative, using excess earnings to give back to members in the form of Bonus Dividends is just one of the ways being a part of our Credit Union is beneficial. Members also take advantage of lower-than-average loan rates and fees as well as higher-than-average monthly dividends.

Our Bonus Dividend payout reflects activity from both loan holders and depositors. This total is calculated based on dividends earned on qualifying share accounts and/or interest paid on auto loans, credit cards, mortgages, personal loans or student loans.

In addition, there’s a multiproduct $25 bonus for participation in three or more products from the eight products listed below:

  1. An open share account
  2. An open checking account that has been active within the last 91 days
  3. A share certificate with a balance
  4. An open credit card that has been active within the last 91 days
  5. A vehicle loan with a balance
  6. A mortgage or home equity loan with a balance
  7. Any other loan with a balance, including a line of credit with a zero balance that has been active within the last 91 days
  8. An open brokerage investment account through Flagship Financial Group

“While the bonus isn’t guaranteed, the amount an individual member receives is directly impacted by their involvement in the Credit Union,” said Gail Enda, Credit Union President and CEO. “When members ask if it’s possible to increase the amount of their Bonus Dividend, I tell them to take advantage of as many of the financial solutions we offer as possible. These products not only add value to your life, they can also literally payoff in the end.”

While Bonus Dividends are not guaranteed, they are certainly appreciated by members.

“I love that the Credit Union gives back to its members,” said Kenya G. “I feel celebrated and appreciated all the time. The rates are always low. The specialty loans and the bonus dividends help me feel important. I've never banked like this, and I like that everyone gets treated well, not just if you have lots of money.”

Christopher S. agreed. “I love that American Airlines Credit Union offers a Bonus Dividend to its members. I’m a member of a couple of other credit unions and they don't offer this benefit,” he said.

Our Bonus Dividend is one of the many ways the Credit Union is able to demonstrate our appreciation of members being a part of our financial family and we’re always happy to hear how it helps enrich their lives.

—Todd Camp
* Bonus Dividends are not guaranteed. Member must be in good standing to qualify.