Team Member SpotlightBEHIND THE SCENES:Equity is kingHELOCs can help homeowners in the current market. Emily Polk and the Credit Union’s Home Equity Center team members can show you how.Home Equity Manager Emily Polk“It’s like the wild west!” — that’s how Home Equity Center Manager Emily Polk describes the current housing market. In her 20 years in banking finance, she says she hasn’t witnessed anything like it. The number of homes on the market doesn’t meet the demand, and the pricing for those on the market has increased significantly over the last few years.

But Emily sees an opportunity: The current market has opened additional demand for Home Equity Lines of Credit, or HELOCs. These loans give homeowners access to the additional equity in their homes and can be used for remodeling or renovations, meeting current financial demands or funding other endeavors.

“HELOC demand continues to increase,” she said. “Values are rising nationwide, and with it, the amount of equity members have in their homes. Right now our members have the opportunity to pay off debts, reinvest in their property, pursue higher education or follow their financial dreams.”

American Airlines Federal Credit Union offers both fixed- and variable-rate HELOCs, but Emily has a favorite that’s special to the Credit Union. 
American Airlines Credit Union
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“Our fixed-rate line of credit is an unusual product that is not offered by many lenders. I believe it gives our member’s the best of both worlds — the stability of a fixed rate with the flexibility of a revolving line of credit,” she said. “In addition, our focus on member care and advocacy means that we will spend as much time as you need discussing options and answering your questions. These are big loans and big financial decisions. We pride ourselves on advising and guiding our members through the process as thoroughly and carefully as possible.”

Emily says it’s the customer care element she loves about her job, and it’s the No. 1 difference between the Credit Union and other banking options.

“When I started here, I was amazed — and still am — by the Credit Union’s commitment to our member-owners,” she says. “We measure success differently here and look at the entire financial picture to see how we can best serve our members.”

She loves the fact that Credit Union advisors are encouraged to take time and be a valuable resource in big financial decisions, especially during the high-energy housing market that exists today.

“Member service is the core of everything we do at the Credit Union,” she said. “Helping our members achieve their goals through our home equity products gives me great joy.”