Annual enrollment
Annual enrollment for benefits comes every year. And every year, we fumble through options in real-time without preparation. This year, log into your benefits with a list of actions that will help create a strong approach to health, finances and programs. Do the prep work and get the most out of what your company has to offer.

  • Review your health insurance plan. You have a lot of options, so find one that best accommodates your needs. Review premiums, deductibles, coverage and total out-of-pocket costs to inform your choice.
  • Consider a health savings account. These tax-advantaged accounts can be used to cover out-of-pocket expenses, including doctor visits, prescription drugs and other medical necessities.
  • Get a life insurance policy. If you don’t already have one, consider the optimal payout amount for your individual situation and also consider augmenting any employer-provided coverage with supplemental insurance.
  • Check out wellness coverage. Discount gym memberships, pet insurance and stress-management classes can all help you ease your mind, live a healthy live and know that the bases are covered.
  • Understand what pet insurance will cover. Pet insurance can be a solid investment. With check-ups, medication, emergency care and accidents, pet insurance is worth considering to keep your pup in great health. Coverage can range in costs and inclusion, so do your research.

Bridget McCrea is a freelance business and technology writer in Florida.