FEATUREBy Malcolm MayhewDFW Living is Easy
In the past decade, people are moving to Texas at an escalated rate — one area in particular. Here’s why.
Remember back in 2018, when you heard that scary statistic about the number of people moving to Austin every day? What was it – 50 a day? 60? Some number-crunchers even said it was 120. Per day.

Love you, Austin, but please step aside for Texas’ latest hot new area: North Texas. The area encompassing Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth and the mid-cities is going through an explosive growth rate of its own. According to Census Bureau figures released earlier this year, Fort Worth, in particular, is now the second fastest growing city in the country.
   Discover more details here     North Texas suburbs aren’t doing too bad, either. The New York Times recently declared the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Euless to be the No. 1 U.S. city in which to live. Yes, Euless.

The kudos continue: Seven of the Times story’s top 10 locations to move to are in North Texas: Edgecliff Village, Euless, Garland, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, DeSoto and Cedar Hill. The author of the article based that revelation on a variety of factors, including jobs, racial diversity and climate risks.
Photograph by Bret RedmanLeading an affordable lifestyle
The No. 1 reason people are flocking to North Texas? Cost of living.

“Compared to other cities, North Texas is very affordable,” says real estate agent Stuart Deane. “That’s one reason why you see people moving from California, New York and Chicago to Texas. They can get the same square footage here at half the cost.” With workers becoming more mobile in an increasingly work-from-home environment, cost of living is a huge factor when contemplating where to live. But you’ve got to also enjoy where you live.
Photographs by Bret RedmanResponding to the exponential growth, North Texas cities are trying to make room for everyone, building new homes and repurposing old ones. In Fort Worth, one of the most popular places to live is the Near Southside, a collection of once-dilapidated buildings and residences that has been turned into hip bars and restaurants and homes that often go for half a million dollars.

“From a real estate perspective, it’s the hottest area in Fort Worth, hands down,” Deane says.

Other hot DFW neighborhoods include the bustling Willow Park, an up-and-coming community between Fort Worth and Weatherford; the growing town of Westlake, where many homes start at a cool $1 million; and Oakhurst, which, similar to the Near Southside, is a historic Fort Worth neighborhood enjoying a renaissance, with new restaurants, bars and other businesses.

Keep an eye on a new development in Arlington, called Viridian, which promises luxury living and retail. In Dallas, popular areas to call home include Uptown and Bishop Arts District, both walkable areas lush with boutique retail stores, restaurants, residences and entertainment venues.
Photographs by Bret RedmanEnjoying the creative arts
Another selling point for North Texas city leaders have long pointed to, is the area’s thriving arts scene. Fort Worth may have the most foot-friendly arts district in the country. A half-dozen world-renowned museums are located within walking distance of one another: The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Kimbell Art Musuem, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Just a few blocks over is the newly opened Dickies Arena, home to touring concerts, rodeos and other top-notch events.
Photographs by Bret RedmanOn top of that, there are culinary delights, stretching from Dallas to Fort Worth and all points in between. One of DFW’s hottest new restaurants is the Beast and Company, the kitchen of which is led by a newly branded North Texan.

“People in DFW don’t realize how good they have it,” says Michael Arlt, who moved to Fort Worth recently to become the restaurant’s executive chef. “The cost of living here is affordable, very affordable when compared to California or New York. A lot of big businesses and corporations have opened here. There are plenty of jobs. There’s growth everywhere. In terms of affordable living, job opportunities, culture and diversity, North Texas is a goldmine.”
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Malcolm Mayhew is a North Texas-based writer and lifelong journalist whose work has appeared in Fort Worth Star-Telegram, MTV.com, Eater.com, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and American Way.