New budget, new place
Looking to relocate? Whether you’re wanting to explore a new city after college or move to the perfect place to raise a family, be sure to factor in the region’s affordability index when making your decision. It’s more than knowing about cost of living and doing the research ensures you find a place that suits your lifestyle while making the most of your income.
   Discover more details here     Cities across the country are providing robust communities that offer great affordable environments to live, work and play. Here are a few financial details about four hotspots that offer a great place to all you want in a community at an affordable cost:Memphis, TennesseeWith a cost of living that’s nearly 21% below the U.S. average, Memphis offers a small-town feel in a larger metropolis. Tennessee also has no personal state income tax, although residents are taxed on their investment income.
• Median home price: $248,857
• Median monthly rent: $756
• Cost of a half-gallon of milk: $1.90
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Home to the American Airlines Maintenance and Engineering Center and once a hub for the oil industry, Tulsa boasts a cost of living that’s nearly 15% lower than the U.S. average.• Income adjusted by cost of living: $54,123
• Median home price: $231,122
• Average rent: $760
St. Louis
Home to many historic buildings and museums plus the iconic Gateway Arch, St. Louis’ cost of living is 12.6% lower than the national average.• Median household income: $41,107
• Median home price: $244,787
• Cost of a half-gallon of milk: $1.72
San Antonio, Texas
Home of the Alamo, Texas’ second-largest city is spread across 460 miles, which means that even with more than 1.5 million residents (plus visitors), it never feels overcrowded.• Cost of living: 11.3% below the U.S. average
• Median home price: $264,718
• Median monthly rent: $1,200

– Bridget McCrea