A WORD FROM THE CEOOut with the oldWelcome to 2022! I know we’re all excited for a new year and a clean slate, and, while we’ve been thrown a few curve balls out of the gate, I’m certain all of us at American Airlines Federal Credit Union will rise to meet any challenge.

One of the things I love about the beginning of a new year is the idea of endless opportunities. We’re continuing to make improvements to better serve you while helping you plan for whatever comes tomorrow.

Some of the improvements we’re excited about include adjusting our overdraft programs in March to ease the burden on you so that a simple mistake won’t result in significant fees and small overdrafts won’t have a fee at all. During the course of the year, we’ll also be adding more self-service features to our digital banking suite to make it easier to do business with us whether you’re at home, traveling or at work. In addition, there are a number of other projects in the works designed to meet member needs while continuing to expand our growth.

Of course, part of our ongoing mission is to make sure you have helpful information at your fingertips, which is why our latest online edition of cent$ includes helpful stories such as: when and what to look for while preparing for 2021 taxes, making the most of your credit cards through monthly expenditures, the hottest places to live and how the Credit Union can help you make a move, unique travel experiences as well as how your Credit Union credit card can be an important part of your travel planning and much more.

I hope you also feel the excitement and anticipation of a new year. Let’s continue working together to meet your financial goals in the year ahead.
All the best,Gail Enda
President & CEO