Five ways summer camp helps kids thrive
Going to summer camp is about more than just learning how to tie a knot, row a canoe or toast the perfect campfire marshmallow. It’s also an investment in your child’s future. Here are five reasons to consider summer camp and some tips on how to find the right one.
They offer more than just fun and games. Summer camp can help kids learn lifelong skills like adapting, teamwork and problem solving. At a specialized camp, kids can even start learning valuable workforce skills.They come in different flavors. There are specialty camps that cater to all types of interests including space camp, computer coding camp and business camp, to name a few.They pull kids away from their screens. By providing a reprieve from screen time, camp gives kids the opportunity to connect with nature, exercise, find a new interest and make friends in person.They promote independence. Being away from home, adopting a new routine, and taking on responsibilities help youngsters learn how to be self-sufficient and form their own identities.They teach teamwork. Working with others promotes better communication and leadership skills that will continue well after summer camp is over (think of it as a mini networking session).
— Bridget McCrea