DEPARTMENTBy Jennifer Robertson NorrisWellness from within
Reducing coffee, red meat, sugar and alcohol is good for your physical health. Drink these alternatives instead to fuel a healthy lifestyle.
According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness business is a $4.6 trillion dollar industry — that’s everything from spas and workplace wellness to traditional medicine and personal care. But a big chunk of the industry directly relates to healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss.

A positive change in diet can balance hormones and energy levels; boost immunity and protect against disease; and promote positive mental health. The idea is: If you eat well, you feel well. But diets can be hard to maintain … especially after months of snacking our way through a pandemic.

Luckily, we live in a time when entrepreneurial health experts are creating alternative superfoods to replace daily coffee, red meat, sugar and alcohol consumption.
Hug in a mug
The National Coffee Association notes that more than 60% of Americans drink coffee. For many, the first cup in the morning powers the day — a routine of waking up and becoming more focused and alert. Then the emails begin.

While there are studies that show coffee can be good for you, some coffee drinkers notice that the caffeine tends to fuel jitteriness. Alternatives like MUD/WTR and nuJo were created to eliminate the nervous energy. Both are caffeine and gluten free and include natural ingredients like cacao, chai, turmeric and MCT coconut oil, a dietary supplement that can aid in weight loss and boost endurance.

Plant-based power food
The idea of drinking protein shakes to aid a healthy diet is nothing new. But new alternatives have become nutrient-dense meal replacements that combine all the buzz-worthy super foods you hear about … and they taste good, fill you up and offer energy to fuel your day.

Kuchava, Athletic Greens and Sakara make nutrient-dense, meal-replacement powders that you can make into shakes by itself or with your favorite fruit, veggies and plant-based milks. All are organic, vegan and gluten free and include gut-healthy probiotics and enzymes.

Nightly wind down
Whether it’s a trainer at your gym or a nutritionist at your doctor’s office, most experts recommend limiting alcoholic beverages to benefit a healthy lifestyle. But the habit of having a nightly cocktail, or even a drink to toast with friends at gatherings, is hard to break.

Whether it’s a classic margarita or an old fashioned you miss, Curious Elixirs are alcohol-free craft cocktails infused with adaptogens, which are ayurvedic plants that when ingested naturally help the body resist stress. Sunwink offers both sparkling tonics and powders made of herbal teas and plants to help the body detox, boost immunity or wind down at the end of the day.

Your Super’s Golden Mellow is a super food powder made with Ashwagandha, which has restorative benefits and helps promote better sleep. Mix with a plant-based milk at bedtime to help the body and mind relax. Apothekary also offers Ashwagandha in many of its drink powder mixes.